Dining out in Frankfurt (Oder)


turm24: located in the Oderturm, Logenstraße 8, opening hours: 11.30pm-10am, Sundays till 10pm;
German cuisine

Kartoffelhaus: specialized in potato dishes, located next to the river, Holzmarkt 7, open daily from 11:30am

Schroffensteins: located in the Kleist Forum, Platz der Einheit 1, opening hours: daily 11.30pm-10am

Bewirtung 1900: regional and international food, Leipziger Platz 1, open daily from 10pm

Zur alten Oder: Fischerstraße 32, opening hours: daily 5pm till midnight

Messehotel: Nuhnenstraße 47, opening hours: Mon-Fri 5pm till 11pm, Sat, Sun and holidays: 12am till 2:30pm and 5pm till 11pm

Gasthof “Goldener Hahn”: German cuisine, Marie-Curie-Straße 10, opening hours: Mon-Sat 5pm till 11pm, Sun 11:30am till 9pm

Gasthaus & Hotel Grünhof: German cuisine, August-Bebel-Straße 54, Tel: +49 335 41404-0

Komet: Leipziger Straße 55, Tel: +49 335 545839 

Peking & Running Sushi: Akazienweg 29, opening hours: Tue-Sat 6pm-22pm, Sun 12am-2pm

Graham's Restaurant Pension: August-Bebel-Straße 11, opening hours: Mon-Sat 5pm till midnight

Steakhouse Holzfäller: Karl-Marx-Str. 16, Tel: +49 335 27814

Ristorante Ciao Italia: Italian cuisine, Spitzkrugring 1, Tel: +49 335 6802849‎

Indisches Restaurant Palky: Indian cuisine, Karl-Marx-Straße 183. Tel: +49 335 3871000‎

Ristorante O Sole Mio: Italian Cuisine, Karl-Marx-Str. 181, Tel: +49 335 537987

Ratskeller, Marktplatz 2, Tel: +49 335 5009950‎

Auerbachs Restaurant: Große Scharrnstraße 14, Tel: +49 335 23568‎

Weißes Rössel: Sophienstr. 24, Tel: +49 335 6850762‎

Restaurant Wintergarten: Mühlenweg 47, Tel: +49 335 4015757‎

Restaurant Babing's Eck: Friedrich-Löffler-Straße 1, Tel: +49 335 527921‎

Gaststätte Zur Quelle: Wimpinastraße 20, Tel: +49 335 540317‎

Gaststätte Olympiatreff: Greek cuisine, Kieler Straße 9, Tel: +49 335 6803727‎

China Restaurant: Karl-Marx-Straße 186, Tel: +49 335 5009997

Nirwana: Indian Cuisine, Marktplatz 3

Oderspeicher: German cuisine and ale-house, located next to the river, Hanewald 9

Blerim Berisha Trattoria Pizzeria Piccolo Mondo: Italian cuisine, Karl-Marx-str. 180

Outside of Frankfurt
Anglerheim: Oderstraße 16, 15326 Lebus, opening hours: daily 11:30am till 10pm

Cafés, bars, beer gardens, and more

Hemingway’s, opposite to the Main Building, Logenstraße 13a, opening hours: mon-fri 10am till late, sat-sun 13 pm till late

Ziegenwerder: beer garden on the idyllic island "Ziegenwerder", opposite to the Countess Doenhoff building

Am Kleistpark, Kleiststraße 7, opening hours: weekdays 11.30am till 11pm, Sundays 11.30am till 9pm

Diebels live: pub, located in the Lenné Passagen, Karl-Marx-str. 192-193, open daily from 9am

Café Diana: Bakery and confectionery, Marktplatz 4

Darstellbar: located in the Kleist Forum, Platz der Einheit 1, opening hours: tue-sat, from 5am

Café Bar Central
: mainly Italian cuisine and ice cream, located directly on the market square,
Große Scharrnstr. 32

Brunnencafé: Karl-Marx-Straße 8

Faster Food

Trainstation: You will find two bakeries, a kebab stall, a Vietnamese stall and a Burger King in the train station.

: You will find an ice cream parlour, a Chinese stall, a pizzeria, a Subways and a kebab stall.

There’s a McDonald’s almost on the border crossing.

Dining out in Słubice.