European University Viadrina – one of the most international universities worldwide 
Universitas Viadrina

Universitas Viadrina
campus Campus of the university in Frankfurt on the river Oder
main building
Main Building
students 30% of foreign students from over 70 countries
Audimax Audimax Building
tram Area in front of the Countess Doenhoff Building
Doenhoff Building
Countess Doenhoff Building housing the dining hall
dining hall Dining hall

A university in the center of an old hanseatic town

historic town center Historic town center
St. Marien church St. Marien church and Frankfurt City Library
city library At the City Library
museum Museum Junge Kunst (young art) in the Town Hall
town hall Town Hall
cabaret "Die Oderhaehne" - carbaret in the Town Hall

A university on the border of a natural reserve

bridge Bridge to the island of Ziegenwerder
university campus Two steps away from the university campus
alte oder "Alte Oder" leading to Słubice (Poland)
Ziegenewerder island On Ziegenwerder island
Oder River river "Oder"
at the pier At the pier


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