The conference will be taking place in the Graefin-Doenhoff building (GD). You will find the registration desk and the conference office in the Atrium of the Graefin-Doenhoff-Building.

You can find the university buildings and residents halls in Frankfurt and Słubice on google maps

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keynote speakers

DGS interpreted talks and events


social program

On Wednesday, 7 pm, we will be having a barbedue where you can enjoy typical German food like the famous Bratwurst. It will take place in the canteen of the Graefin-Doehnhoff building, directly at the river Oder. You can  look at the river and enjoy the summer evening while eating.

If you like to participate, we kindly ask you to buy tickets for your meal. Local German food will be offered, in particular:

marinated pork steak € 2,50
chicken breast € 2,00
Bratwurst (fried sausage) € 2,00
corn cob € 2,00
Mediterranean feta cheese € 2,00
Jacket/baked potatoe € 2,00

You can buy your ticket for the barbeque at the registration counter at the following times: 

Sunday 3pm-6pm

Monday 8am – 9am, 12am – 1:30pm, 4pm-5pm

Tuesday 8am – 9am, 12am – 1:30pm

Enjoy your meal and have fun!


conference party

On Thursday we will be giving our conference party with live music by the band Leyan from Berlin. It will be taking place at the Kamea. The party is supported by  



individual presentations

To be able to guarantee that all papers can be presented, the talk time must be strictly kept (20 minutes and 10 minutes for discussion).
Beamer and Laptop will be available during your lecture. Please bring along an USB key or CD with your presentation.

poster talks

Please note, there is no display of posters but an oral presentation of 5 minutes.
To be able to guarantee that all posters can be presented, the talk time must be strictly kept. Due to shortage of time it is not possible to switch computers. Please bring along an USB key or CD with a windows-compatible power point presentation of your talk. Beamer and Laptop will be available during the poster-talk sessions

Best Paper Award PhD students could apply for the Best Paper Award. The three best contributions of a poster talk win a plenary lecture at the end of the conference. The best of the three lectures receives the Best Paper Award and wins reimbursement of the travel costs.