Cultural events and sights in Frankfurt (Oder)

Museum Viadrina: regional and municipal history, Carl-Philipp-Emanuel-Bach-Strasse 11, opening hours: tue-sun 11am-5pm

Gedenk- und Dokumentationsstätte “Opfer politischer Gewaltherrschaft” 1930 - 1945 / 1945 - 1989: exhibition of the Museum Viadrina, Collegienstr. 10, opening hours: tue & thur 10am-5pm

Museum Junge Kunst: owns a substantial collection of East German art, located in the Rathaus (Marktplatz 1) and PackHof (Carl-Philipp-Emanuel-Bach-Strasse 11), opening hours: tue-sun 11am-5pm

Kleist Museum: dedicated to Heinrich von Kleist and his writing, Faberstr. 7, open- ing hours: tue-sun 10am-6pm

Kleist Forum: hosts a variety of cultural events ranging from theatre over cabaret, concerts, opera, ballet to the organisation of a variety of parties. Platz der Einheit 1

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Concert Hall: located in an old Franciscan monastery from the 13th century, Lebuser Mauerstrasse 4

Theater Frankfurt: celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, Ziegelstrasse 28 a/b

Theater des Lachens
: the only professional puppet theatre in Brandenburg, not only for children! Ziegelstrasse 31

Oderhähne: cabaret, located directly in the Rathauskeller, Marktplatz 2a

Kleines Kino: presenting films not running in the big cinemas with a focus on Eastern Europe. They use the auditoriums in the Graefin Doenhoff building

Grotte: students club, organized on a voluntary basis by students. They organize parties, readings and concerts, located in Lindenstrasse 7

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